The future is streaming analytics

Simple and predictable pricing that enable you to scale.

StreamProcessor is deployed inside your GCP project (cloud prem) and pricing is based on the number of projects, not data volumes. Hence, we strive to optimize resource utilization to provide you greater value.

*Premium support packages are signed separately.

No volume based pricing!


$ 0 \Month \Year

Free forever

  • Open source compliant
  • 1 GCP project
  • Schema evolution (Avro, Protobuf)
  • Data validation
  • PII & Compliance management
  • Streaming ingest (BigQuery)
  • Streaming analytics (SQL)
  • Real-time activation (Firebase, 3rd party SAAS)
  • Community support
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$ 200 \Month \Year

Per GCP-project.

  • Everything in the community plan, plus
  • Multiple GCP projects (dev/test/prod)
  • No volume based pricing
  • Packaged, tested and hosted artifacts
  • Premium support packages*
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