The future is streaming analytics

How it Works

StreamProcessor is built to enable real time analytics, both in batch and streaming mode, while making sure your data is compliant and in your control.

Activate your data

StreamProcessor is easy to setup and the time to market for adding new data pipelines has never been shorter. Also, the latency from event to action is merly a few seconds.

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Evolve your data

Change is the only constant and StreamProcessor leverages schema evolution to accomodate that while keeping strong contracts with downstream consumers.

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Grow your data

StreamProcessor is a Responsive, Resilient and Elastic system that helps you scale with predictable pricing and a completely serverless setup.

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Trust your data

Compliant, Secure, Trustworthy

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Leverage the products you already use

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Who Are We And What Is Our Identity?

We are a company that belives in…

  • Democratize data
  • Activate data
  • Compliance